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Name Recognition

Name Recognition – A Proud Achievement

Recently I mentioned how proud we are that our son was writing his own name. To do this he first had to recognise the letters, then copy them, and then remember them to write them without looking. Being such a visual learner we like to ensure there are plenty of words visually around in his environment. Research shows that most learning is done without even trying to remember things. This is why learning through play is so important.

Writing his Name

I am really proud to say that today my son managed (with help) to write his name with all the letters the right way round! (Without looking at a visual reminder).

writing name

Not only that his one-to-one support worker looked like she wanted to cry with happy tears yesterday, as she told me how he had written (copied what she wrote) two whole sentences!!!!

We have been playing with things such as letter stickers and shaving foam to help with his letter recognition at home. What letter activities do you do to help your child?

What things have your children achieved – no matter how big or small?