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Dinosaurs #KidsCoop

All about the Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are always a popular area of interest but with the new Jurassic World film coming out this year I think that they are going to be more popular than ever. Dinosaurs are popular in our house – we had a dinosaur bedroom, a dinosaur party, played with the dinosaur in ice and even invited the dinosaurs to dinner!!

We have just had The Sensory Seeker’s annual review (as he has a Statement of Special Education Needs) and have discovered that he is now working at National Curriculum levels in Maths and Reading. This is fantastic news and we feel that he has benefited from all the extra support he receives. So I am pleased to share with you two books that Parragon have sent us to review on the subject of Dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Books


Dino Supersaurus T-Rex Terror – The Supersaurus Legend Begins

Dino Supersaurus T-Rex Terror - The Supersaurus Legend BeginsThis is a beautifully illustrated book set in a cartoon strip. That’s lots of action and the pictures tell the story to help with the words. It really is a book for slightly older children but it was good to read with The Sensory Seeker picking out high frequency words I know he knows. Thus making it fun and rewarding for him. The only thing he found confusing was that the speech is written in capital letters – but it was good to explain to him about different types of text (not that I am sure he got it at his age).

£5.99 ISBN: 978- 1 -4723 – 6466 – 1

Gold Stars Travel Back Through Time to The Land of Dinosaurs

dinosaur booksThis book is fantastic and maintains interest for a long time. Again fantastically illustrated and filled with lots of facts and fun. The book has contents, glossary and index pages which I think are great in a children’s book. Through the book children learn all about dinosaurs in an enjoyable and interactive way with puzzles, mazes, colouring in, observations and much more. Every page is just bursting with life, and there’s so much to see, do and learn.

£7.99 ISBN: 978- 1 – 4723 – 5781 – 6

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I was sent the 2 books free of charge from Parragon Books as part of their blogger programme. All words and opinions are my own.

Sensory play ice age dinosaurs for help with development #thesensoryseeker

Dinosaur Ice Age Play for Sensory Seekers

I discovered a great way to make sensory play  perfect for my little seeker, with dinosaur ice age play. My son has Global Developmental Delay. He is behind his peers in many areas, so I liked how the dinosaur ice age play really helped him develop. The school have suggested that he has visual aids to help with his communication. They have asked me for input on words/pictures. I really have no clue of what to suggest, all I can think of is maybe a PE bag, a book, paint, so possibly he could show me what he has done that day at school? I do know that play is key to learning, but he has always had a very limited attention span. But I am pleased to say that this is growing in duration, and this was really demonstrated during the dinosaur ice age play.

dinosaur ice age sensory seeking play #thesensoryseeker

Dinosaurs Interest

Dinosaurs are a firm favourite in this house (see my birthday party) and I have a dinosaur board on pinterest. Whilst pinning I have seen this activity come up time and time again. I do not know who had the original idea to give them credit, but please do see my board for where I was inspired from. It really is simple to create. Put the dinosaurs in the freezer with some water, take them out and then let your child play with them.

dinosaur ice age sensory seeking play #thesensoryseeker

They can smash them open and see how long it takes to get to the dinosaurs out, or wait until the water defrosts. Viola Sensory play dinosaur ice age. We bought a tuff spot (thank you to TheBoyandMe for helping me find one on Amazon) these are brilliant and it was ideal to just sit him in the garden to play.

dinosaur ice age sensory seeking play #thesensoryseeker

You could try different methods of getting to the dinosaurs. His brother also joined in the play with him and they used sticks, bashed  and smashed the blocks of ice containing the dinosaurs.

dinosaur ice age sensory seeking play #thesensoryseeker

I think there may have been some licking involved too (what else would you expect from my sensory seeker!). He also tried pulling the dinosaurs out  of the frozen blocks, which I think was great for his hand manipulation (he is hyper-mobile in his hands).

dinosaur ice age sensory seeking play #thesensoryseeker

Benefits of Dinosaur Ice Age Sensory Play

Dinosaur Ice Age Sensory Play was great for language development as we talked as we played: He told me it was cold – how clever is that! Then once we had got to the dinosaurs there was time for pretending they were real, and making up little stories. Of course it also helped him meet some of his sensory seeking needs – especially the tactile ones.

dinosaur ice age sensory seeking play #thesensoryseeker

He loved the feel of rubbing his feet on the cold blocks, and when they started to melt, spreading the icy water up his legs.

dinosaur ice age sensory seeking play #thesensoryseeker

dinosaur ice age sensory seeking play #thesensoryseeker

Defrosted Ice

He loved playing with the dinosaurs in the ice and then paddling in the defrosted water – feeling all those lovely sensations.

dinosaur ice age sensory seeking play #thesensoryseeker

But what I most loved about the dinosaur play was the length of time he was able to engage with the activity. I am sure it really helped him with his development. I think next time I may add some colour to the water too.

dinosaur ice age sensory seeking play #thesensoryseeker

 Or may be some extra things like rice to give it more texture.

dinosaur ice age sensory seeking play #thesensoryseeker