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I am very active on the internet, as well as engaging with many people offline. I feel I have a lot to offer in terms of reviewing and promoting your brand. For further information including then please get in touch.

I will review things that are I feel are related to Sensory Processing Disorder on this blog. I do have another blog for products/services related to other aspects of my family life.

Some reviews are things that I have decided to Blog about because I felt strongly about them. All reviews will state if I have received a product/tickets/service for free or if it is a sponsored post etc. See my DISCLOSURE page.

My returns policy is such that I will only return the product if there is no expense to myself. Generally I will keep the product. I am happy to run competitions in order to offer my readers products.

All reviews will have my honest opinions – whether good or bad. However, if I am particularly dissatisfied with a product I have been asked to review I will discuss this before publishing.

I accept Sponsorship, Advertisements, Guest Posts, Products for review, Competitions/Giveaways. If there is anything else you think I may consider then also get in touch.

I DO NOT offer FOLLOW links on this blog.

If you wish for me to review a product/service/attraction then please contact me on

2 thoughts on “Reviews, Sponsorship & Advertising

  1. Hi,
    I have a small business making made to measure children’s clothes. Many of my customer have children with sensory processing disorders and work with them to ensure clothes work well for them. I’ve been looking for a charity that I could donate to which could support families in the same situation, and from reading your site, I think you are probably the best person to offer some suugestions.
    Kind regards,

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