Help in schools for those with sensory processing disorder


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These are personal posts about our journey through the Education System.

To send to school or not to send to school @pinkoddy

Thinking about whether or not we should send our son to school.

Statementing Process @Pinkoddy

Parental Request for a Formal Assessment (statement)

Parental Request for Statement @pinkoddy

The Statementing Process

School allocations with SEN @pinkoddy

School allocations

Sensory Processing Disorder and Education

Ways that the child with Sensory Processing disorder can be helped at school

Our experience of Starting School

starting school with special needs

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  1. Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but another great resource someone might could benefit from is to see if they have a sensory store in their area. I had never heard of such until one came nearby our home. Our store sell all kinds of kids sensory toys and educational stuff.

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