Sensory Processing Disorder Bathtime Problems

Common Difficulties and Ways To Help

When it comes to Sensory Processing Disorder I believe that there are some common difficulties. These are mostly under the categories of Diet, Health, Hygiene, Education and Play. They can have trouble with changes/transitions and memory too. All this can also impact on their relationships.

Sensory Processing Disorder Bathtime Problems

Not getting your child to eat, sleep, and keep clean (encompassing brushing their teeth, washing their hair, getting their hair and nails cut) is quite a worry.

I do not have the answers but have started to compiled posts on what helps us help The Sensory Seeker in these areas. Listed below are some of the key topics, plus there’s a link to the posts in this category below the title.


Encouraging Eating

Encouraging new taste sensations

Temperature (also includes clothing and the environment)

party planning sensory processing disorder

Common Difficulties with Health

Identifying Problems and Finding Solutions with:


Sleep Tips – A guest post


Unacceptable touching

Common Difficulties with Hygiene

Bathtime – identifying problems and trying to find solutions to helping those with Sensory Processing Disorder at bathtime.

Sensory help in the Bathroom

Dental Hygiene – Identifying problems as to why the individual with Sensory Processing Disorder may not like brushing their teeth, and trying to find solutions to help over come them.

Hair washing (and product review)

Common Difficulties with Education

Starting School Considerations

Sensory Processing Disorder and Mainstream School


Help at School

The Benefits of Home Education for those with Sensory Processing Disorder

Fine Motor Development

Literacy Development Ideas

boy wearing glasses in school uniform

Special Needs and the Eleven Plus

Maths Skills

Speaking and Listening


Pen or IPad

Child Safety on the Internet


Sensory Common Difficulties with Parties

The Individual with Sensory Processing Disorder may struggle with parties. This includes being the Only Child Not Invited.

There are a number of ways to help alleviate this (read more about Party planning and Sensory Processing Disorder). Here are a number of party ideas that have worked for us:

Sensory Seeker Party with Reptiles

sensory seeker party with reptiles

Ways to Help with Seasonal Difficulties

Valentines Day Activities

Scooby Doo Halloween Party

Sensory Halloween

Ghost Crafts

Slimer Biscuits

Sensory Summer Holidays

Visiting friends and family at Christmas with Sensory Processing Disorder

Making Christmas Easier

Christmas Gift Guide for those who are Autistic

Egg Carton Christmas Trees

Sensory Advent Calendar

Sensory Snow Crafts

Reindeer Food and other Sensory Christmas Ideas

Christmas Tree Biscuits

Christmas Crafts for The Sensory Seeker

Ideas for Play

Dinosaur Ice Age Play for Sensory Seekers

Kryptonite Play

Pirate Captain Says

Holidays and Days Out

Legoland Windsor Halloween and Fireworks

LEGOLAND Windsor, Brick or Treat, Halloween, Fireworks and the Hotel

Sensory Processing Disorder and Visiting Italy

Rome Hop on Hop off Cruise

Trip to the Forest

Disneyland and Sensory Processing Disorder

Finally here is some more advice from other UK Bloggers

3 thoughts on “Common Difficulties and Ways To Help

  1. Hi
    I have found that my child who used to be a poo smearer, now puts his finger in his bottom then puts it straight in his mouth! His bottom is as clean as can possibly be and he doesn’t need the toilet, but he keeps doing it. as soon as I catch him I explain it is dirty and can give him a bad belly, and I get him to wash his hands, but he still does it. he is a sensory seeker and is 5. Have you come across this?

    1. Hi no sorry it isn’t anything I have come across but I am sure it isn’t anything to do with whether he feels his bottom is dirty or not but some other seeker/exploration behaviour.

      Have you spoke to a health visitor about it?

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