two boys playing together in the snow

Sensory Seeker copes with the Snow

The Sensory Seeker never fails to amaze me. Even when he has a bad day I can see just how far he has come. The other week we had some snow and this really is a perfect example of this. Although after a little while the sensory overload (and freezing cold conditions) became too much for him (hating everyone and feeling that everyone was against him) he first had some fun!

The Sensory Seeker copes with Snow aged 8

First of all he can follow instructions – it doesn’t seem that long ago that we had to physically put his socks and shoes on, as no matter how many times we gave him the instruction he just couldn’t do it. This was even when he started school – so in the grand scheme of things that wasn’t that long ago. Not only did he get himself dressed (picking out his own clothes) and out his socks and shoes on – but he was also able to listen to the fact that he also needed to put his coat, hat scarf and gloves on!boy rolling a giant snowball to make a snowman base

Next the sensory seeker was able to play in the snow. He made snowballs, helped build a snowman and of course got down in the snow and made snow angels. This was more to do with just actually playing (and with his family not isolated) rather than just touching the snow and covering himself in it. He even kept his gloves on (when told) whereas before he would have had to have touched the snow with his bare hands. This I believe also helped him stay out in the snow for a longer period of time.two boys playing together in the snow

Plus the fact that he was well enough to play outside – he used to always be in and out of hospital with his bad chest. Every time it got slightly cold he would be back on antibiotics.

Unfortunately it did suddenly make him really upset and spoiled all his enjoyment. It is a shame really that it doesn’t snow more often because I think a part of it is that it is out of routine. For The Sensory Seeker that day he decided that he hated the snow and was glad it didn’t happen often. Not even a special hot chocolate with marshmallows could make him feel better. But before the sensory meltdown I saw him having fun. I am so proud of the progress he has made and I hope that one day he can enjoy the snow as much as the rest of us (in my family) do.little boy with sensory overload in the snow

7 thoughts on “Sensory Seeker copes with the Snow

  1. Well done that boy, I think snow is hard to manage for anyone, it promises so much and then in no time you have numb fingers and can’t enjoy it! I think my kids would be hopeless, they can’t actually remember snow it was so many years ago we had any. they would be straight out with no coats of gloves and back in within 10 minutes before trying again! The photos of your little Sensory Seeker clearly show he was enjoying himself and I’m very impressed he listened to how to dress. No wonder you were proud.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  2. Oh it sounds like you had fun for a little while, and it’s so lovely to read that you can see such a change on days like snow days. My daughter had fun in the snow but preferred watching it through the window with her teddies! #CountryKids

  3. I think he did so well as all of mine tend to be five minute wonders when it comes to the snow!
    It’s all fun and games until they realise how wet and cold it is and then it’s meltdown time! #countrykids

  4. We had a decent amount didn’t we? He has done great! I find the snow a bit much after a while and it takes me so long to warm up afterwards

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