I'm Just a Sheep!

I’m Just a Sheep!

“I’m just a sheep!” – the line uttered today by The Sensory Seeker. He is anything BUT just anything. It was actually a comical line and just perfect for his well-timed, well-spoken delivery. Seeing him on the centre stage, in front of everyone, performing just like any other child. In fact not even every child could do that, and some did not have any lines. He did so well singing all the songs and the actions too.

I'm Just a Sheep!

To think I was worried about him starting at a mainstream school – and now here his last Christmas play – I wish he never had to leave. The support of the school has been amazing, but I cannot praise my little boy enough. He works so hard, but also gives life his all. He is so happy and tries to please those around him too (even though he does not quite understand that not everyone wants his hugs or kisses all the time!). He is on his 4 times tables – having already mastered his 10s, 5s and 2s and is blending his sounds to read.

I'm Just a Sheep!

This year he has coped with Christmas much easier – now he knows numbers, days and months a bit better. In fact he’s only been tempted twice to open his LEGO advent calendar ahead of the days! As I say, he’s touching people a bit more but generally coping much better (even if he does keep talking about Easter). We have only just put some (Christmas)  lights up (the Christmas decorations usually go up before the 1st December). In fact it is only after this first Christmas performance that we have really felt the change (trying to open his door and trying to get out of his seat belt whilst his dad was driving on the motorway). We usually don’t allow computer games until the weekend but we are finding that they are helping to stabilise him (and we are allowing him to play as a reward).

How are you finding the build up to Christmas and do you have any tips on coping?

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  1. My son copes a lot better with Christmas now, but from the age of about 8-13 it was very difficult. I think it was overwhelming for him and it took a long time for me to understand why as he was diagnosed late. Sensory issues played a part here, as well as difficulty with delayed gratification. He couldn’t wait until Christmas for his presents.

    Now he can wait better, and I make the Christmas holidays very quiet, and we do very little and see few people, and as a result he is a lot happier.

  2. What an amazing achievement and well done all! You are so right, anything but ‘just’ a sheep. We also allow more computer games to reduce anxiety, we stick to routine as much as possible, restrict decorations, are picky about invitations we accept etc but just generally go with his flow. As my friend put it, nothing is a must, everything is may. #SSAmaxingAchievements

  3. How wonderful! It’s great when kids have the opportunity to perform and build confidence in front of an audience like this. We’ve been going to our school and preschool nativity plays these past couple of weeks – the preschool one in particular is amazing. Kara is only 3.5 but she loves performing and you can see her confidence and personality shining through. 🙂

  4. You must be so proud! It sounds like he did so well and it’s great to see them up on stage and delivering their lines.
    Great that he’s learning to cope with the sensory overload of Christmas too.

  5. What an excellent post. I loved it, “hi is anything but “just”” I feel the same way about my Yon. The build-up to Christmas can be rough at times, we were really nervous before his Christmas show this week, but it went very well (no one had lines, just dancing so that was easier). I don’t really relax the rules very much as I find it doesn’t help with his anxiety, but I do give him more iPad time, and he is in charge on turning the Christmas lights on every evening.

  6. Lovely to hear he has come on so well at mainstream school. You never know if you have made the right choice until you are living it. I’m glad he is coping better with Christmas this year, I feel our Christmas is going better this year too. I have just blogged about how the remote control is helping us this year lol.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  7. I agree, the build-up to Christmas can be so difficult, especially when you have the added pressures of school and performances and ‘floating’ timetables all of a sudden. We have a lot more chill time every day after school this month (hey, who am I kidding, we always have that) and we try not to organise anything extra. Well done him!

  8. Oh bless him, what a little star! You must be so proud that he’s doing so well. I know what you mean about worrying about him leaving there though. My little girl was so shy when she started nursery but she’s got along so well and is so settled. She moves to school this September and I’m so worried about it, we just want to protect them from everything don’t we? And I guess things usually work out much better than we think they will.x

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