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Reindeer Christmas Crafts

Reindeer Christmas Crafts

There is nothing better than building up the excitement to Christmas with some crafting. I find that the structure also helps my Sensory Seeker cope with the sheer chaos of Christmas and lack of routine. Sven is a favourite character from the hit film Frozen and so I thought that this year our Sensory Seeker would appreciate making some reindeer Christmas crafts.

Reindeer Christmas CraftI love this little craft as it is so simple but so personal. Simply cut out the shape of the head and paint brown, whist also making 2 hand prints. Once dry glue together and add a tissue paper red nose, and two black eyes. Thread it up with a “Stop here Santa” sign and one at the back to hang up.

This was good because my Sensory Seeker LOVES to paint. And the cutting, sticking and threading is fantastic for his fine motor development.

Or what about letting them lose with tape to make a Reindeer – for a mess free craft idea. It can be made by letting them stick freestyle, or you can draw the lines on the paper for them, or they could copy from an image in front of them. Afterwards you could let them colour inside it or glue some glitter and/or Christmas shapes inside.

Or if your child has some patience then why not make a Reindeer from a toilet roll holder. We painted him brown and let him it dry, before simply adding the eyes, pompom nose and feather ears. This was part of our Toilet Roll Holder Advent from last year.





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  1. I love the toilet roll holder craft; we have a LOT of them saved because I was hoping to get some crafts done with them for Christmas. I need some way of entertaining the small person when it is too cold to go out!

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