Sensory Soap: Kids Stuff ® Crazy Soap

Do you have trouble when it comes to keeping your child with Sensory Processing Disorder clean? This may be because they are sensory avoiders and do not like touch, or they may be sensory seekers and always touching things (for more information see my previous post on Sensory Processing Disorder: The Tactile Sense). Either way Kids Stuff ® Crazy Soap might just be the answer you have been looking for.

Kids Stuff ® Crazy Soap Range

Kids Stuff ® Crazy Soap Range

They have a range of bath paints, bubble baths (colour changing/glitter), goo, bath crayons, soaps (that you can mould to make shapes out of!), body paints (let that Sensory seeker go wild whilst actually getting clean!).

Kids Stuff ® Crazy Soap Range

With smells to tingle the senses and fun characters to really appeal to their visual nature – what’s not to love?

And of course it is all soap in one form or another so it is getting them clean at the same time. But the real beauty of it is that it is cleaning itself up!

Kids Stuff ® Crazy Soap Range

I think they’d make an ideal present for their stockings, or to help fulfill the additional sensory needs triggered by the festive season. They also have little characters on the tops of the bottles for an additional tactile feel – and they are designed to be played with in the water.

Sensory Soap: Kids Stuff ® Crazy Soap

I also liked how this developed my Sensory Seeker’s hands as he played with the products – from undoing bottles, to developing his pouring technique (hand-eye co-ordination, estimation of how fast the liquid would pour out, tilting his hand back; then squeezing on the flannels and sponges, to helping his fine motor development with the crayons.

Sensory Soap

Of course soap products are not just suitable for those with Sensory Processing disorder, and are just as much fun for all children, covering such a huge variety of ages.

This can really help other children (friends and family perhaps) get a better understanding of say a sensory seeker – as they join in the fun of covering themselves in soap.

Sensory Soap

I was invited to Hamley’s in London with my youngest 3 children (including my Sensory Seeker) to have a messy play date with Kids Stuff ® Crazy Soap and see their new designs.

Kids Stuff ® Crazy Soap Range

I thought that it was great to see the products being demonstrated without the bath – as this is just perfect for me  as he often wants to touch things (or again if you have a sensory avoider who does not like the bath, this could be a small step in).

Sensory Soap: Kids Stuff ® Crazy Soap

This was achieved by giving the children aprons and goggles for protection. Then there were a number of stations set up – with bowls, flannels, water, the products, and others had white boards to draw on, special bath colouring in books and crayons, flannels, sponges – and all manner of sensory experiences.

I could see this as a great idea for a Sensory soap party.


Our travel expenses were paid to attend the event at Hamley’s but I was under no obligation to write this post. I think they are an absolutely marvelous product and they really helped my Sensory Seeker as he was struggling with all the changes (it was Half Term Holidays). I thoroughly recommend them to other parents – both those who are and aren’t having difficulties with Sensory Processing Disorder.

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  1. I think this is a wonderful idea for all children. What better way is there to encourage fun, messy play while getting your child clean at the same time! I completely agree that these look like brilliant stocking fillers. A wonderful write up!

  2. I remember having some Crazy Soap for the kids a few years ago, and they loved moulding in the bath. They still ask me for it if we see it in shops, so I’d definitely recommend it.

  3. Wow that looks amazing! What a fantastic range of products, I am really impressed. Like you say, these are perfect for sensory seekers, I will have to invest in some of these for my nephew, he would love them. Great review

  4. My little boy has suddenly hated having baths…soaps like this would make them much more fun for him 🙂

  5. My 3 year old finds getting dirty a really horrible experience. These soaps would help him. Xx

  6. I think it looks so much fun and its totally different to any other sensory gain they can get from products you can buy

  7. They look like loads of fun, my daughters love playing with things like this, pasta, shaving foam, cornflakes etc so bath foam would be doubly great- having fun and getting clean!

  8. Ahh messy play whilst the kids get clean…I wonder if they can do something like this for cleaning bedrooms

  9. we love crazy soap such a good sensory activity while in the bath so a quick shower down after =)

  10. Kids no matter what age seem to love to have fun and get clean, I also suffer from sensitive skin so can ‘borrow’ these fun products from my kids when I feel like a treat!!!

  11. Grandson would love making a mess at HOME with this. Pay back time for his daddy for when he used to make a mess

  12. Would be great for my son’s truff tray for sensory play and help him become more adventurous

  13. I love the idea of these, I find that play time in the bath is an important time to bond and spend time with my Daughter. These would be brilliant to unlock more of a sensory experience and have even more fun in the evening!

  14. I spend my life reminding the kids to wash their hands, before tea, after toilet, when they come in from outside… I’m sure if they knew this was waiting for them I could save my voice!!!

  15. I’ve never seen it before but getting messy & clean at the same time has to be fantastic

  16. I normally buy cheap cans of shaving foam for them to use in the bath so these would be fab to use and try out they love different textures in the bath.

  17. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  18. Wonderful stuff -its usually mud and paint and dough and glue that is the most fun to play with . When it is soap that has the same effect I can cry with relief !!!

  19. My 4 children love playing in water and I think these products would be very exciting for them to play with

  20. We’ve had the shape moulding soap before and my kids loved it, even my shower dodging teenager was suddenly happy to jump in and have a wash just so he could play with his little sisters soap!

  21. My sensory seeker would love this as he enjoys a bath, but the end of bathtime is when behaviours intensify and bath products could be calming throughout the whole process for him….fantastic idea!

  22. I like the idea of crazy soap as it will give lots of fun at that special bath time and ensure the kids really enjoy getting clean!

  23. It’s great for ASD kids and those with sensory issues but good fun for all my twins love playing in the bath these would just add to the fun

  24. My lovely daughter is severely disabled, she loves that bath and the feel in of soap on her body. She not able to play with conventional toys, ticks all of the boxes for me what a lovely Christmas gift. Best of luck everyone and Merry Christmas.

  25. my girls love the bath and this would be amazing, theyd have so much fun, its better than normal old bubbles anyways!

  26. My kids love bath time and with this product they can have lots of fun and play with causing mess anywhere else and when finished just pull the plug and clean up is done

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