Circles to Encourage New Taste Sensations

Circles to Encourage New Taste Sensations

Today I am going to share with you how circles can encourage your Sensory Seeker (and avoider) to try new taste sensations. Not just circles but how other shapes, sounds and interests can help prior to eating. Plus some ideas for inspiration.

Circles to Encourage New Taste Sensations

My Sensory Seeker as regular readers may know, is a bit (a lot) of a fussy eater. We try not to make too much of a fuss and provide him with foods throughout the day that we know he likes (so he doesn’t starve). See my previous post here. Well I was reading in the Out of Sync Child has fun about ‘Fed Up by Angela Gilbert. Basically it is about how playing with things associated with the food presented helps consumption, especially of new flavours/textures. This means that if before a meal consisting of say food shaped into circles, if the child plays with circles before eating then they are more likely to try new taste sensations.

So what foods are round?’

  • Carrots, peas, cucumber, tomatoes,
  • Pancakes, muffins, scones
  • Spaghetti hoops
  • Cheerios
  • Rice cakes
  • Blueberries, grapes, cherries, melon balls, oranges
  • Burgers

Can you think of others?

In fact with the use of shape cutters you could turn any food into circles. This could be adapted for any other shapes, including their interests – such as using Lego cutters for Lego obsessed children. This can also extend to noisy food – making loud sounds before eating food that can be loud too (popcorn, crisps, nuts,raw carrots, apples etc).

Activities with Circles

The most obvious choice for me at the moment is to let them play with Loom bands (age dependent and make sure they are not likely to put them in their mouth).Other ideas that spring to mind are with balloons, balls, bubbles, bubble wrap, beanbags. Make circles from toys – that can be anything cars, Lego, dinosaurs. Make sensory circles by drawing in mud, shaving foam, sand, rice, etc. How about craft – paper plates, toilet roll holders – again any material can be cut into a circle.  The sellotape and glue-sticks are also circular. The ideas are endless and can be adapted for the child’s interests and sensory needs.

25 thoughts on “Circles to Encourage New Taste Sensations

  1. Ooo bubbles! We’ve not done the holding paper over coloured bubbled thing for a few years (Ozzy sucked the blue painty bubble mix instead of blowing!) – must do that this Summer -thanks for the inspiration Joy x

  2. Circles are popular in our house, mainly as the toddler has found out she can draw them over and over again. But then again …. spaghetti hoops were always a fave of mine and you have just made me want them ….. in the interests of encouraging new things of course 😉

  3. What a great idea, I used cut all F’s sandwiches with animal cutter when he was younger to encourage him to eat. X

  4. Ooh, this is a fascinating post Joy, I love the way your blog really helps me step outside my own mind and imagine other ways of thinking and sensing things. Thank you for that. x

  5. Anything that distracts from the anticipation (however misplaced) of something tasting unpleasant seems to work, and engaging them in conversation about shapes, sounds, or the dietary preferences of Bob the Builder is a winner.

  6. never ever even crossed my mind to cut sandwiches into more interesting shapes, ronnie won’t go near a sandwich, bet he would id it was batman shaped!

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