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Driving Test passed by Teen with Aspergers

Our Teen with Aspergers is Driving

Only yesterday I was doing my A-levels whilst pregnant. So how is it today that the baby I was carrying is now the proud owner of a full driving license?! How did the time go so quickly? 7 years ago I would never have believed that this day would come. My son was struggling  in so many areas, and had been newly diagnosed with Aspergers’ syndrome. Now we have so much hope for him and his future., driving is just the start. In fact now we are struggling trying to get him to decide on Universities and courses! We have established that he does want to go, and has an end goal of what he wants to do – but that’s it. Actually looking at them and making a decision for himself – well that’s just another hurdle. But for today we celebrate that our teenage with Aspegers can drive.

Teen with Aspergers Driving

Now for the next nightmare. Insurance – omg! It seems the more expensive car that is bought the cheaper the insurance – but is that wise? And will he know what to do (socially) when out on his own? I guess it is natural for all mothers to worry (Aspergers or not). And actually the sensible lad in him is very reassuring. What about the other idiots on the road though – eek. Today someone walked across the road (fully) then (without looking) ran back again in front of me. I think everyone around was shocked, and horrified. Me I was just glad I pressed the brakes fast enough. The poor guy who was nearly hit couldn’t say sorry enough, I was just shocked speechless. My 11 year old (who was in the front) just said that he hoped that never happened to his brother. But I am sure my oldest will be fine. And when I have got over worrying about him, I am sure it will be his little brother’s turn!

5 thoughts on “Driving Test passed by Teen with Aspergers

  1. Well done! I still can’t drive, so he’s milestones ahead of me. Good luck finding the perfect uni for your big boy, so exciting x

  2. I saw your post on Twitter this morning that he was taking it today and was wondering how he’d got on.

    That’s amazing, huge congratulations to him x

  3. Oh huge congratulations to him, what an amazing achievement. You must be so proud. It is a huge worry, I know I worried last year but it is part of letting them grow up and get some independence.

  4. That’s a fantastic achievement – many congratulations to him. Not sure if it still exists, but when I passed my test I then went on to do Pass Plus which was IIRC six extra driving lessons with a special driving instructor which covered things like city driving, motorway driving, bad weather driving and night driving. At the end I got a certificate which I could then send off to the instance company and they counted it as if it were one year’s no claims. Yes the lessons cost money, but I saved money on the insurance and gained so much from those extra lessons too.

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