tree fu tom ranger utility belt

Tree Fu Tom Ranger Utility Belt

We love Tree Fu Tom in our house so were delighted to be about to review the Tree Fu Tom Ranger Utility Belt Set from Flair.

tree fu tom ranger utility belt

 About the Tree Fu Tom Ranger Utility Belt Set

Two of our boys are in the Scouts (one is a Beaver Scout), but our Sensory Seeker (aged 4) is unlikely to be able to attend Beavers when he turns 6, due to his special needs. He of course wants to be doing what his brothers are up to. I think that this is one of the many reasons that he loved dressing up with the Ranger Utility Bet Set so much, as it comes complete with a scarf and woggle.

tree fu tom ranger utility belt

There is a storage pouch where the Ranger cards and Ranger book can be stored. This can be threaded onto the adjustable belt. The utility belt has a rotating , reflector Sapstone too and spaces to clip on the Ranger badges, microscope and compass (the older brothers enjoyed explaining to their younger brother about the compass).

The Ranger Utility Belt Set is aimed at those over the age of three years so that even young adventurers can have fun. Although I would say that even at its tightest the belt is fairly lose, and feels like it could do with tightening up a bit, but this does make it easier to spin it around.

tree fu tom ranger utility belt

 Tree Fu Ranger Utility Belt in the Back Garden

 This is the perfect time of year for the Ranger Utility Belt set. There are many beautiful things in nature to go off to explore and observe under the microscope. Of course the first place we went with the Tree Fu Tom Ranger Utility Belt on was into the back garden. It is inside a tree in Tom’s back garden where there is an enchanted kingdom called Treetopolis. We were looking for Tom’s best friend and side-kick Twigs, (a silly and energetic acorn-sprite), and his other friends the Treelings. We soon found Squirmtum, who is an odd-job woodlouse with a heart of gold.

tree fu tom ranger utility belt

Our Sensory Seeker excitedly told me that Squirmtum looked the same as on his Ranger card. Our Sensory Seeker enjoyed looking through his microscope, telling me that it made things bigger.

tree fu tom ranger utility belt

 We did not find the other Treelings –  Ariela (a beautiful but rough-and-tumble ranch-running butterfly); Treetog ((a Tree Fu Master and wise teacher), or Zigzoo, (a bubbly, eccentric tree frog inventor). However, we did find a ladybird. Our Sensory Seeker was so excited that after dinner we all decided to go off and try to find some frog spawn. We were unsuccessful but are going to look again at the weekend (when the sun is up). Then we can utilise the microscope and record what we see in the Ranger book.

tree fu tom ranger utility belt

 Sensory Processing Disorder and Tree Fu Tom

 Our Sensory Seeker has problems with his gross motor skills. He is currently seeing the occupational therapist at school for this (the fizzy programme I believe) but we like to help him develop at home as much as we can. What we liked about Tree Fu Tom is that it gives him Sensory rewards for making movements.

 The Tree Fu Spells were designed with children with Dyspraxia, and other movement difficulties and disorders, in mind. The spells encourage and guide children to teach and practise the movements in many of the key areas needed for everyday activities. This can then benefit them in areas such as eating, dressing, writing, sports, games and so on. Tree Fu Tom is aimed at children who are developmentally at an important time for their growth. This belt was particularly good for our Sensory Seeker to help with his hand development – having to squeeze the clips and badges to get them on and off the belt. I think this is beneficial as the occupational therapist feels he has hypermobile hands.

tree fu tom ranger utility belt

 Tree Fu Tom is developmentally in other ways (for children with or without Special needs). Tom is a born leader using his Big World Magic to save the day against impending disasters, whilst up against the mischievous Mushas (siblings Stink and Puffy, the foolish fungi). Making the audience Superheroes as they help with the magic is very empowering, good for their confidence and helping to boost self-esteem.  The lessons in friendship are good for social and emotional development.

I would definitely recommend this product.

Spring Carnival

I was sent a free Tree Fu Tom Ranger Utility Belt Set from Flair for purposes of review. They are available from Smyths Toys. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. This looks fantastic. My nearly three year old loves tree fu tom so would love this for his birthday! I never realised how much educational thinking is behind it either – totally changed my opinion of it!

  2. looks like a lovely and educational set, i dont have any boys around you would be interested to do this kind of things, my nephews are only 3, but maybe will consider this for the future

  3. We absolutely love Tree Fu Tom and the idea of a utility belt is such a great one for getting little ones outdoors and exploring nature. Absolutely love this blog Joy x

  4. Oh how chuffed does he look with his new belt?! So cute!
    Remind me next time we are out drinking to tell you how I sing Tree Fu Tom 😉

  5. This looks like loads of fun, our friends little boy is just turning four and this would make the perfect gift for him as he loves Tree Fu Tom. x

  6. I had no idea the spells were done with Dyspraxia in mind, what a brilliant idea! I’m dyslexic myself and used to work in a centre that supported dyslexic and dyspraxic students, my son adores doing the spells and we always enjoy doing the moves, now I’ll encourage it even more! Belt looks great too, lots of love for this all round!

  7. My Yon really loves Tree Fu Tom and I just know he would love something like this for his upcoming birthday, so thank you so much for this review as I didn’t even know about this product and now it is going straight on the birthday list!

  8. This looks amazing – Isaac would love it. We have the Tree Fu Tom action doll and he is forever flying him around the house

  9. He looks so pleased with his belt 🙂 My girls like tree fu tom but we don’t watch cbeebies that much. When we do though, they like to join in on the actions x

  10. I had no idea how clever Tree Fu Tom was before I read this! Wonderful to think of the thought that’s gone into what seem like fun stories to be all inclusive and developmental for all children. The belt looks brilliant and the perfect way to encourage some of those basic skills. #PoCoLo

  11. This looks FANTASTIC – and he looks like he loves it too. Grace is so into all things nature so she would have loved this 🙂 Thank you for being newbieshowcase this week and for linking to, and supporting PoCoLo x

  12. My daughter loves Tree Foo Tom and spends most days in her TFT pjs. She loves doing big world magic. I am definitely going to get her one of these belts. She will have a kitten when she sees it! #PoCoLo

  13. What a fab belt for any little adventurer to explore with! I can imagine that these are going to be very popular. Thanks for linking up and sharing with #Country Kids.

  14. I had no idea that Tree Fu Tom had so much going on! My youngest (4) absolutely loves it and I’m pretty sure he’d love the belt too – I’m thinking of getting him one for when we go camping now. Love the new blog, somehow I had missed it so far!

  15. It looks like he enjoyed using this 🙂 What a wonderful belt! My little ones love exploring outside and love Tree Fu Tom.

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